The Rich Jerk Review 2015 – Guess Who’s Back

The Rich Jerk 2015 launch is finally live and you just have to see the sales video LOL! Even if you don’t care to buy the product, do yourself a favor and watch the sales video. I promise it’s hilarious!


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You should have heard by now that the world famous RJ aka The Rich Jerk is returning very soon. The launch is coming up very quickly so be ready for my ultimate The Rich Jerk bonus as well as my thorough review of the entire course.

Running a successful business online is not an easy task. There are millionaires who simply sit back and enjoy the income generated from their websites. The best part of online entrepreneurship is that once your business is set up, there is little maintenance required.

You can easily venture into new niches and continue to generate income from your past efforts. As the entire world is connected online, there is simply no limit to the number of business opportunities available to make money online. However, you have to know where to go and not join some scam company but rather follow a well structured course with good reliable coaches. This course will teach you what to do and how to do it right to run a successful online business.

The Rich Jerk is a great guide for anyone trying to make money online by running his own business.

Why is The Rich Jerk so rude?

The first impression that anyone gets while visiting The Rich Jerk website is that the creator is so rude. It is not hidden anywhere. The creator of the guide is downright open and egoistic about his wealth.

All over the website, you can see the pompous display of this wealth. If you look at it right, you will realize that the guy is simply stating the facts without sugar coating it.

2015 the rich jerk review

Many other guides that claim to help you with your online business endeavor sympathize with you and coax you into buying the guide. The Rich Jerk on the other hand gives you the jolt you need to buckle up for your online business.

This guide is not for you if you expect to do nothing and still make money. If you are however interested in investing your time and money, you will learn exactly what you must do to run a profitable online business.

Learn From The Rich Jerk To Become A Successful Online Entrepreneur Quickly

The Rich Jerk ebook is not a blueprint to follow. In fact the author believes that you have to find what you are good at and the starting point is available for you. If you can get past the egoistic remarks of the author, you can really find some golden tips and techniques useful for your online business. Using this guide, you can generate multiple income streams that are essential to get rich quickly.

The guide teaches you how to create affiliate websites with high conversion rates. You will learn how to create digital products and get top affiliates to market your products. This is a similar technique that Anik Singal’s Publish Academy also teaches if you are interested you can check out that as well.

You will also learn how to use eBay to create super successful businesses. The author also sheds light on the great opportunities of buying wholesale and reselling hot products using drop shipping.

Who can benefit from this The Rich Jerk review?

Anyone who is willing to put the time and effort to create an online empire can enjoy The Rich Jerk guide. If you already have a website running, you can quickly increase sales and generate more wealth using the marketing strategies outlined in the guide.

Even if you don’t have a website you can still create one within two days and start earning money. The guide is inexpensive and it comes with a money back guarantee, which means that there is nothing to lose with this ebook.

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Eben Pagan’s Digital Product Blueprint – Review & Bonus

eben pagan digital product blueprintWhat will you learn in this Digital Product Blueprint review? You will learn how to create best selling digital products quickly and easily like the pros. I will be updating my Digital Product Blueprint bonus on this page very soon so check back later!

In the internet world, the users are constantly looking for new and valuable information. With hundreds of thousands of websites, many users are lost in the maze to find the exact information they are looking for.

If you are an expert in your niche, you can offer your expertise in the form of digital products that can help your client base to solve their problems. Some experts feel that you can’t become rich with a low priced digital product. However, when done right, the sales of low-priced eBooks can create a six figure income for you as more and more customers buy it.

Choosing a niche with Digital Product Blueprint

You can run an online business only if you are passionate about what you do. However, passion alone doesn’t take you anywhere. You have to invest your time and money to find a profitable niche that aligns with your passion.

Niche research is the first step to creating digital products. You need to know the exact problem that your leads suffer from so that you can create a product that provides the best solution to their problems. It is best to create a digital product that caters to very specific niche problems.

Choose the right type of digital product

Even though the most common digital product is an eBook, you can certainly create multiple types of products depending on the issues you solve using your product. It also makes publishing your digital product so much easier in the long run.

You can create eBook series, webinars, podcasts, video tutorials, picture tutorials, coaching sessions, etc. You should choose the type of the product depending on the preferences of your leads and the time you can invest in creating a product.

Establish your authority through your blog or website

When you have the idea of creating a digital product, it is important to gauge the response of your potential audience. The first step is to create an email list of subscribers interested in your expertise.

This will help you to fine-tune the idea for your digital product. Once you have an idea, use your blog or website to give away free information about your product. Experts suggest that you provide at least 50% of your content for free so that your customers will know that they will get more value when they purchase the product. With the right marketing strategies, you can easily establish your authority.

Final verdict of this Digital Product Blueprint review

The price of your digital product can help you to make more sales and profit. It is a wise idea to create a low-priced eBook if you are a newbie online entrepreneur.

Which is why I have come to the conclusion in this Eben Pagan’s Digital Product Blueprint review that I can highly recommend joining forces with Eben Pagan on releasing your first first digital product.

When you have a growing list of hungry subscribers who can’t wait to purchase your product, then you can go ahead in creating higher priced products. Once you have a loyal customer base, you can easily sell higher priced products because your loyal subscribers will be willing to buy it. There is no need to undervalue your product as long as it solves a crucial need of your potential audience.

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3 Page Cash Machine Review + Amazing Bonus

alex jeffreys 3 page cash machineAlex Jeffreys is coming out with a new product called 3 Page Cash Machine Review! The product is being released on the 24th of September. As soon as I have more information about the digital product I will update this site here also I will be updating my 3 Page Cash Machine Bonus so come back soon.

Until further take a look at the science behind publishing your first digital product. Designing the right digital product requires a lot of time and effort. There are numerous tools available to design a digital product and it takes very less time to convert the idea into a product.

You have to spend a lot of time in the design phase to come up with the perfect idea for your digital product. Once you have decided on the type of digital product you want to create, you have to interact with your potential audience to understand what they expect from your product. This will help you to create a product that practically sells on its own.

Creating 3 Page Cash Machines

Most newbie entrepreneurs fail because they are super excited about your product. Unfortunately, you are not the audience for your product. Even though you design the product putting yourself in the shoes of your customers, it is not the same as asking the customers directly.

Before jumping on product design, conduct a survey and research to understand the problems that your audiences deal with. Then, you can concentrate on creating a product that provides the ultimate solution to their problems. You should not hesitate to venture new ideas if more of your potential audiences are interested in it.

Features of Alex Jeffreys’ 3 Page Cash Machine

When you want to provide a product that helps your audience, you may be tempted to create a feature rich high end product. However, it can overwhelm your customers and drive them away from your product. Too many features can be confusing and your potential audience always looks for simple solutions. This is especially true with digital products where too much information is exhausting. It is best to limit the features of your product and depending on the response from your audience you can go ahead and add to the features of the product later. This will not only help you to upsell and cross sell multiple products.

Understand the difference between online and offline worlds

A digital product is meant to provide information to your audience, but at the same time, they are not delivered personally. Your customers have to spend their time and motivate themselves to listen to your videos or read your ebooks. It is not possible to guide your customer base to complete the sale. A sales copy for a digital product is different from a physical product because your customers have to purchase it before they can experience. That is why you have to provide a lot of teaser information about the product and reveal a majority of its contents to close the sales.

Final conclusion of  this Three Page Cash Machine Review

So the final conclusion of My 3 Page Cash Machine Full Review is that I fully recommend this course by Alex Jeffreys. It is impossible for someone to create a high priced product without any external help. You may be keen on reducing production cost by doing everything by yourself. However, you can save time and money by hiring experts to complete specific parts of the product design. The success of your product depends on the value offered and you should not hesitate to seek help at the right time.

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GERU Review – Tool By John Reese To Automate Your Business

GERU is a tool that not only analyses parts of business but can even track profitability of online businesses. The software comes with various tools and functions that allow one to find the workings and metrics of any online business for a onetime fee and a lifetime spree. The launch is due in the next few days and until then, there is a special offer of $297 as opposed to the monthly fee of $97 for users who sign after the launch.

Click through here to watch a quick video tour of GERU…

The GERU module comes with three educational modules namely:• Outsource Force – This is the ultimate online HR module that allows you to scour the world for talent and a workforce to keep your business operational and turn it profitable. The PDF and video compilation package is priced at $1997 but comes free with the lifetime offer for signing up pre-launch. It can enable you to find SEO experts, writers, content developers, researchers and campaign managers.

• Spy for Profit – This is the ultimate reverse engineering training package that shows you how to replicate and build a business module that is already successful. Think legacy systems with a blueprint for success in the palm of your hands in simple PDF tutorials and accompanying video content. It uncovers campaign strategies, keyword networks, landing pages and digital product funnels to enable you keep abreast with competitors and gain you a competitive advantage once you are ready to run your own online business. Free for the pre-launch but valued at $1997.

• App Business Academy – This is the ultimate module valued at almost $2500. It comes free for the pre-launch lifetime offer and is one of the best learning modules out there. It trains you on all you need to know in the world of Mobile Apps and taking your business from an online portal and into the marketplaces of Android and Apple to reach a wider audience. Learn how to generate revenue streams, generate new leads, opt ins and clients for your business with token videos and PDFs.

Functions of the GERU software range from conception mapping all the way to business execution. With a range of video tutorials and a guaranteed one month money back option, it is a risk free solution to a risky world.

• GERU Canvas – This is the perfect mat on which to lay out your initial business plan and make your idea move from a few intangible thoughts into interchangeable facets with metrics for good measure. The Canvas allows you to put your idea on a module that can show you the efficiency of business processes and develop scenarios and patterns for however many possibilities exist for your business and show the profitability of each venture. You can easily calculate Visitor Value, Earning per Click, Life Time Value and other metrics.

• GERU Scenario – This is the best simulator for the business once all the project parameters are defined. It enables you to view how each decision and strategy would affect the business and how you can trade off one resource to double up on another to maximize your profits.

See more features of GERU here…

• Blueprint Library – This is an impressive repository of businesses and existing plans that are currently in operation. This enables you to have a quick view and extrapolate any chances of success and prevent any current shortfalls to have a self-learning business. This allows you to almost have a prevention of failure and gives you the best shot at guaranteed success in your own business.

• To-Do List – Each business process in your module will have an associated to-do list generated by GERU to ensure you are constantly in the loop and ahead of the game. The system keeps you on your toes and ensures you are evolving with market trends to keep you apace with competition and abreast with potential new hotspots for breakthroughs. This database is like a watchdog to ensure you are never resting on your laurels.

• Report Generation – GERU allows you to do the business analysis and produce instant output to ensure you never lack documentation for your trends, demographics and forecasts. While soft data is always beneficial to you, it is much more presentable in the business world to wow investors, intimidate competition and set yourself as the benchmark for the niche. Tools such as Dream Income and Profit Finder Optimization are the flagship products of GERU.

• Product Launch – GERU can help you plan, simulate, forecast and execute the best product launch possible for your business. The use of various market entry strategies like opt-ins, offers, reverse squeeze and so on are simulated to enable you to choose the best option. GERU can forecast profits based on the affiliate partners you work with and stick or conversion rates for upsells and products. Product Launch can calculate commission fees, product fees and merchandising payouts to give you a true reflection of the money coming into your coffers from sales.

• Traffic Campaigns – Social media is not left out of this equation as the most exponentially growing marketplace with unprecedented reach. This global phenomenon is your newest playground but thanks to GERU tools, you will be working from an expert platform. This tool is made to enable you have a plan for social media campaigns with Forecast Cost Per Click and Cost Per Impression setting the tone for your analysis. You can use the same traffic to create multiple campaigns making use of GERU’s per source conversion weighting to highlight the varying traffic converts.

• Business Expenses – This is a straightforward accounting detail of all the moneys spent in whatever capacity to enable you price products better and set mark ups more efficiently. This will keep you from making unwitting losses and shows you what you need to cut down on or what to invest more as measured against returns.

• Consulting – This is the more subtle GERU tool that allows you to coach and develop others into the business. It creates room for mentorship and incubation of other tools to improve the chances of future success for other businesses.

• Webinar Selling – This is a support tool to improve signing on, sales and retainers for webinars. Training is huge emphasis under GERU and this is demonstrated by this very tool along with the Consulting package.

The advent of e-commerce and e-business dawned upon us to make the analysis and execution of business much simpler and all the more efficient. The use of calculators to view trends in business was quickly an impossible task and this is where the introduction of Information Technology into the process improved all facets markedly. It put accountability at a high level and even ensured history was easy to trace with analysis and trend building a much more comprehensive process.

GERU is not only the future of online businesses but is guaranteed to have a say in future business models all the while documenting those of years gone by. This is a fantastic cloud based software if you are looking to publish your own product or course. Accessible from cloud services, GERU can be used from the palm of your mobile devices and into the offices with PCs to ensure it has global reach. Get the lifetime offer now and earn a lifetime worth of experience and some profit along the way too.

P.S. The price of GERU is increasing soon

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Publish Academy Review & Bonus

I’m very excited to announce that Publish Academy is finally live! Anik is giving away his free book called Passion To Profit.

>> Click here to download the FREE book

anik singal passion to profit

> Click here to download the free book <

The perfect business is one that is 100% centered around what you LOVE to do one that enables you to make as much as you want — no glass ceiling…

And one that gives you complete control and freedom, 24/7/365! Here’s the thing: That business not only exists… it’s one of the fastest to launch, easiest to grow and most proven business models today!

And since my good friend and multimillion dollar digital publisher, Anik Singal, is giving away his awesome NEW book, he tells you STEP-BY-STEP how you can easily slide into this lucrative business model… In your spare time… In just a few days… And with little or no experience!

Go Ahead, Download Anik’s New Book “Passion To Profit” Now!

Not too long ago, Anik set records with an $11.4 million-dollar launch in just 10 days. Plus, many of his 250,000+ followers and students have gone on to create crazy successful businesses.

All from scratch using his proven system!

Now, his new tell-all book hands you the secrets, steps and solutions to building a profitable business simply by doing what you’re most passionate about!anik singal launching publish academy

Here’s what’s covered in Anik’s new book:

  • An Almost Bankrupt Marketer’s Accidental Journey to $100 Million
  • The #1 Simplest Way to Fall Into A Profitable Online Business
  • Enjoy More Freedom And Earn More Simply By Doing What You Love
  • Discover the Fast 7-Step System to a Profitable Business Model That Works!

Go ahead! It’s yours.

Get it right now for no cost and no obligation — No catch, no credit card, no kidding! This book will teach you the 7 simple steps to turn your passion into profit. I read it myself and picked up some powerful strategies. Download Anik’s complimentary book now!

I’ve got an update for you guys Anik Singal’s Publish Academy Course is coming very soon in a week to be more specific so stay tuned! The internet presents opportunities for those who are willing to take the lead. It is possible to make money online with your own ideas and marketing strategies. All the internet millionaires and people who are celebrated as experts started out as newbies. With a simple idea, you can make a lot of money if you know how to convert your idea into a useful product. The Publish Academy program by Anik Singal is a comprehensive program suitable for newbies and online entrepreneurs who want to make money. The program helps people to convert their ideas into products and sell the product to the internet users. Used in the right way, this program can help anyone to make money online even by working part time.

How can affiliates benefit from Publish Academy? (Updated 09/12/15)

The creator of the program has shared a JV invite for affiliates and JV partners who want to take part in the success of the program. By becoming an affiliate, you will take efforts to promote and sell the product using your affiliate links. You will get commissions based on the amount of sales made. Every lead you create for the program will work for you. To become a successful affiliate, you need to choose the right product. The Publish Academy program has a stunning past record as Anik managed to make over $11 million total sales. The affiliates benefited the most as they were able to enjoy $5 EPCs on simple raw clicks.

The most interesting aspect of the JV initiative of Publish Academy is the huge opportunity to win prizes. In the previous launch, Anik gave away $200,000 worth of prizes and for this launch; the prizes are getting even bigger. To help top affiliates to make more money, Anik is expanding his base by offering unique prizes and rewards for the successful affiliates. You can get a chance to win prizes that are worth quarter of a million dollars.

The Publish Academy program has helped so many entrepreneurs to make money and there are simply too many successful stories. It is much easier to generate leads when you provide quality products for your list. Your leads will be even more interested in being loyal to you when they can easily become an online entrepreneur with a successful program such as Publish Academy. To make it possible for everyone to afford the comprehensive course, two levels of membership are now offered – Gold membership priced at $797 and Platinum membership priced at $1997 or 3 installments of $797. As an affiliate, you will get 50% with each sale you make irrespective of the membership type you sell.

Interesting contests that make everybody a winner

For the first time in the industry, Anik introduces 4 different contests in one pre-launch. If you meet the minimal leads number, you can win a prize. If you become one of the top 10 affiliates to bring the most number of leads, you will stand a chance to win a Ford Mustang. If you become the top affiliate generating highest sales, you will get a Porsche. Affiliates who already have a team can participate in the team contest along with individual contest and win even more prizes.

The best part of the Publish Academy pre-launch program is that every affiliate can win money. You don’t have to be the biggest player in the industry to win a prize. If you bring in 20,000 leads, you can get a smart car worth $15,000. If you are just starting out and can generate only 100 leads, you can win a Chromecast. There is no need to simply stare at the top affiliates because you can easily win prizes even with a lower number of leads.

The top 20 affiliates who emerge as winners will also receive the coolest Cool Dude trophies. If you become one of the top 20 affiliates, you will be invited to one of the events and you will get a chance to pose with the creators of Publish Academy with your awesome trophy.

Dates you need to remember

The pre-launch of Publish Academy starts on October 6th. The whole team will help you to promote your affiliate links and hard code your leads so that sales start pouring into your affiliate link. The first livecast is on October 13th and the pre-launch will be over by October 22nd. If you haven’t signed up as an affiliate until now, you have to hurry now because you won’t be able to participate in the most profitable joint venture after October 22nd.

Anik Singal is releasing a new product called Publish Academy very soon. You can find my Publish Academy review as well as bonus on this page very soon. Anik is a film producer and businessman from America and he had studied at the University of Maryland, where he earned his Finance degree when he graduated back in 2005. When he graduated he had joined Venture Accelerator that was run by the university, but before that in 2004 he had already founded Affiliate Classroom, which in 2009 was renamed to Lurn Inc. with only $100 in funding.

First Look At Publish Academy

This company had specialized in developing educational programs that were based online and other programs to help the online entrepreneurs with a special dedication to the online marketers. These programs had helped to establish the top practice systems when internet marketing was still in the early stages. He had gone on to open some offices in India, including in Hyderabad and Mumbai and had brought in some $1.5 million that year alone in revenue. By 2009, the program had seen some 21,000 students that were enrolled and he even personally taught some of the classes.

However, then in 2012 he had started up another company called VSS Mind, which stands for Visualize Strategize Select and it focuses on digital product development. They help people to visualize their goal, then strategize how they can reach it and then select their actions that will make their dream into reality. This program has been a hit with the students and even with other marketing affiliates. His latest course is the Publish Academy Course.

Final Publish Academy Review

In 2011 he had started to work on producing his first ever film, which was an action one titled Lethal Commission and it was filmed in Mumbai. He had been the lead actor that had been given the task of finding some secret software that was just about to be released into the world. He has been a fighter all of his life and he has fought hard to get where he is, despite the fact that he has Crohn’s disease.

However, despite this disease that keeps him in pain, he hasn’t ever given up and has continued to go and fight for what he wants. This determination has helped him to become extremely successful and named in some of the top lists, including the list for the top young entrepreneurs from BusinessWeek and again as one of the top Inc 500 CEOs. You will also find that no matter what, he gives back to those who have helped him and in 2008 he had donated $50,000 as a gift to the Hinman CEO program that is run by his alma mater.

Mr. Singal has fought hard to get where he is now and he knows where to give his thanks and how to help others. However, he is always ready and willing to help others become just as successful through his various programs and help. He has undergone plenty of things that could have knocked him down and made him quit, but he hasn’t, but has gone on to get back up and fight right back. Thank you for reading through this Publish Academy review on GipsyMoon and by Anik himself credits his fighting spirit for getting him where he is today and for him not giving up when the road had plenty of bumps.

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